Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
2024 Rules

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Questions or comments can be addressed by calling  717-349-7111 (during racing season) or email
General Speedway Rules
  • All cars must have a transponder compatible to the MyLaps system at Path Valley Speedway. It is the racers responsibility to make sure the transponder works with our system and is being read. If your transponder doesn't read, you will be scored last.
  • Divisions with 5 or fewer cars will run a feature only.
  • Drivers may run in different classes, but must be in a different, legal car for that class for each class entered.
  • All cars involved in yellow or red flags will re-start at the rear

1. Everyone in the pit area must be a member of Path Valley Speedway Park.

2. All cars will be inspected by the safety inspector before the first race. A securely mounted 12 oz ABC fire extinguisher, easily accessible and usable by driver, is mandatory.

3. All cars must have Path Valley Speedway Park tech/safety stickers.

4. One tow vehicle per entry allowed

5. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 14 in the pit area at all times; a waiver release form must be filled out and on file. Minimum age to race is 14 , no exceptions.

6. Anyone sustaining an injury at the race track must report the injury to tower officials & ambulance crew before leaving the track.

7. When on the track, approved racing suits, including racing shoes, gloves, helmets (min. SA2015), neckbraces or approved head restraints, seat belts (min. 4 point. Belts are to be changed two (2) years after the date stamped on the SFI tag regardless of the number of times the car has been raced), full window nets (appropriate classes), and full eye protection are required at all times. All cars must have approved mufflers.

8. A race may be stopped at any time if the flagman or a track official considers it dangerous or unsafe to continue racing.

9. All cars must run in the heats to which they are assigned.

10. All cars must have a front and rear bumper, and sprints must have a top wing to take the initial green flag in all events.

11. Cars may enter the track ONLY under yellow light conditions.

13. All qualifying cars in the heat event must take the checkered flag in order to start in the feature. The only exception is when the number of cars signed in for a class is less than the starting field for the feature. NOTE: Any cars allowed to start the feature, that did not take the checkered flag in their heat, will start behind those who took the checkered flag in their heat.

14. Car or driver must be qualified. In the event of a change of qualified driver and car, car and driver must start scratch.

15. Any driver change made automatically puts the driver and car in the rear position. Driver changes that are not reported will result in disqualification.

16. Official’s decision is final. Personal video footage will not be accepted.

17. Any car exiting the track surface during qualifying event will not be permitted to re-enter the track for that event. ONE PIT STOP IS ALLOWED DURING THE FEATURE.

18. Cars may compete in only one division per racing program.

19. All special events will be run under track rules.

20. Cars will not be permitted to race carrying any unsecured weight or ballast. They must be painted white with car number on them and must also be bolted on. No exceptions.

21. Any car jumping positions on the initial start or any re-starts will be put to the rear of the field.

22. All initial starts are off turn #3 by green light. Re-starts are single file at the cone before turn 3. Anyone passing or jumping before passing the cone will immediately go to the rear.


A. All cars involved in or causing a red or yellow flag (making contact with another vehicle) will be placed to the rear of the field.  Flagman and officials will determine cars involved. Three reds and/or yellows during an event will cause you to be sent to the pits.
B. If you stop on the race track, for any reason, you will go to the rear of the field.
C.If you purposely wreck another car to gain position, you will go to the rear of the field; the non-aggressive car will maintain its position.

25. In the event of a yellow flag on the last lap of the race, those cars that have taken the checkered flag will be scored as completing the race; all others will be scored by the completed white flag lap, except those cars involved in the accident.

26. Any car going into the infield, one wheel or entire car, then coming back onto the track in order for your car to gain position(s), yellow will then be thrown and you will automatically be put to the rear of the field, with the possibility of being disqualified, either during or after the event. 

27. Mechanical, safety defects or rough riding could be cause for the flagman to throw the BLACK FLAG.

28. Flagman will give you 2 laps to get in line. After the third time around, you will be sent to the rear of the field.

29. During the line-up procedure (push vehicles will be on the track), enter the first and second turns with caution. Anyone driving
recklessly or at a high rate of speed will be black flagged from the event. If this happens twice in one night, you will be disqualified for the remainder of the night.

30. Some possible causes for disqualification: (disqualification=loss of points & money for the night unless otherwise specified).
A.Unnecessary rough or reckless driving;
B.Stopping on the track to discuss decisions made by the flagman and/or officials;
C.Driver or crewman performing replacements/repairs on the track;
D.Any car instructed to weigh and failing to do so immediately;
E.Failing to go to the pits immediately when given the black flag will result in a $50.00 fine, disqualification, and/or suspension;
F. Speeding in the pits (first offense – warning, second offense – disqualification…offenses are counted for the year, not by the race);
G.Not going directly to the tech building from the track as instructed.

31. All track officials have the power and authority to disqualify or suspend the driver, car and any other person for violation of rules
and other infractions falling under their jurisdiction. Anyone not cooperating with the Speedway program, rules, regulations or auto racing in general will be disqualified or suspended.

32. Feature winner plus one other position determined by pill pull by the feature winner will be teched every race.
The Speedway has the right to tear down any engine to check its legality at any time. Any car refusing a tear down will be
considered illegal & will be disqualified. Any car found to be illegal can lose all points, up to and including, that race.
1st offense – loss of night’s earnings and points, and a $50.00 fine.
2nd offense – loss of night’s earnings and points, a $100.00 fine and a one week suspension.

33. Failure to make weight or measurement requirements will result in a loss of earnings and points for that program.

34. Any driver of the same event may protest any item on the other competitor’s car by presenting $100.00 in cash, per item, to the pit
steward or tech inspector. If the protested car is illegal, the money shall be returned to the protester. If the protested car is found to be legal, $75.00 will go to the protested car and $25.00 will be retained by the track for the tech work. The driver, 1 mechanic and the tech man will do all tear down work.
Time limit to protest: 15 minutes after the checkered flag falls.

35. RED FLAG: In the event of a red flag, all cars must stop on the track. Do not proceed through red area. Stop where you are and
push vehicles will take you to turns one and two (unless that is where the situation exists). Do not block entrance and exits to the track. No one is allowed to enter the track under red flag conditions except for officials. No one is allowed to leave the track unless they are being towed. Doing so will result in disqualification.

36. FIGHTING:  Persons involved will be fined, disqualified, removed from the premises & not allowed to return that day. Fines
must be paid before you can participate in any track event. After the 2nd offense, the car/driver will be banned from the


38. All rules (general and specific) will be posted in the tech building and at the sign-in booth.

39. The tower is for Speedway personnel only! No one, other than staff, is permitted in the tower, unless requested by the staff.

40. The top cars will be scaled and will go to the tech building until released by track personnel. Any car can be pulled at random to
be teched.

41. No driver may leave their vehicle unless it is a safety hazard to remain in the vehicle, or they are instructed to leave their vehicle
by a track official. Failure to follow this rule will result in disqualification (loss of money & points for the event).

42. Watch the track officials. Two caution laps will be given for tire change during the feature time ONLY. Laps may be more depending on the pace of the field and will be at the head flagman's discretion. No pit stops will be given during heat races. 

43. Path Valley Speedway Park reserves the right to discontinue any class that does not support a 75% car count after 6 consecutive weeks of racing.

44. All cars must be presentable in bodywork, craftsmanship and paint. The car numbers must be clearly displayed on the roof and BOTH doors at all times. Number must be no less than 18” tall and 2” wide. If a letter is used, it must be 9” x 2” minimum. A plate with a minimum 6” number will be required on the right-hand corner of headlight. No reflective lettering. Lettering must be legible and outlined (if the scorers can’t read your number, you won’t be scored!)

45. Extreme use of profanity and vulgar language and disrespect toward track officials may be cause for suspension!

46. Cars that are self-starting must start on their own for initial green of their race or they will start last.

47. Cars must be in position when entering track or you will start last.

48. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL before or during all races. If track officials suspect you have been drinking, you can be disqualified.

These rules are intended to be the official track rules. However, we reserve the right to amend and adjust any of the wording and interpretations as situations arise, either before or after the racing season begins. We have constructed these rules to the best of our ability to encourage safety, competition and effectiveness and also fairness to all concerned. There is no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any of the above. Each year there are those who interpret these rule in their own manner and get into trouble. We wrote the rules, we know what they say and we know what they mean. It is your responsibility to build, buy and race legal equipment by our rules and to follow these rules while on the track and in the pit area. Do not be misled into using unsafe or illegal hardware. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.


CALL 717-349-7111