Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
Winter 2015 Updates
Racing announcer Mike Donald gives you an inside sneak peak of what has been going on here at Path Valley Speedway during the off seasons over the past several years. 
Winter Update Video #1
Winter Update Video #2
Winter Update Video #3
Winter 2016 Updates
Winter Update #1
Winter Update #2
Winter Update #3
2017 Updates
More bleacher construction, bathroom renovations, winner's circle construction, track lighting, T-shirts
Winter 2018
400 tons of clay added, off shoot reconfiguration project, catch fence replaced on turns 1&2
Winter 2019
350 tons of clay added to the speedway, catch fence added along the backstretch, new speakers in the pit area and grandstand area, new sign in booth under the tower added.  Track was ran through with a rock hound and several new lights added area the speedway.
Winter 2020
23 loads of fresh clay were added to the speedway in the offseason as well as bleacher refurbishing. 
Winter 2021
A total of 30 loads of fresh sifted clay was added to the speedway in the off season. T.A Ward Construction placed a much needed addition onto the score tower and placed siding on the building.
300 tons of new clay was delievered to the speedway in the offseason to be groomed.