Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
"The Little Track With The Big Action"
Racing every  Saturday night since 1987 on our 1/4 mile banked clay oval 

Start Times

Friday Night
Gates open at 5:00PM   Drivers Meeting at 6:45PM
       Warm ups at 7:00PM

Saturday Night 
(May thru October)
Gates open at 4:00PM
Drivers Meeting at 5:45PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM

Please check the schedule 
for special event times in addition to March/April times
Email us at
Path Valley Speedway 17911 Dry Run Road, Spring Run, PA 17262

Path Valley Speedway lost part of our family on November 23, 2015

June O'Donnell passed on to a better place, and she will be sorely missed by all of us at the track.  If you ever entered the pit gates June's smiling face was one of the first you would see. June and her husband, Ron, have been with Path Valley Speedway for 16+ years and we won't be the same without her.

Condolences and prayers to her family and friends.
Rest easy June and God Bless You.
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Thank you to our 2021 Division Sponsors

Wingless Super Sportsman: Metzler Auto, Truck and Trailer                                      600cc Micros: Macri Concrete

270cc Micros: T.A Ward Construction

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Featured Videos
Sean Merkel your 2020 Limited Late Model points champion
Kameron Morral in victory lane after winning the 600cc micro feature on 10/5/20
Cliff Brian, Jr. pick up his first Wingless Super Sportsman win on 9/19/20
Doug Dodson in victory lane after winning the 305 feature on 9/12/20
Hap Swope Construction
Harrisonville, PA
717 - 496 - 5079

Todd Parson Logging
717 - 348 - 7911
Billy Workman, Jr. in victory lane after winning the Central PA Legends Summer Slam
Thank you to the following business's for their contributions during the off season. We appreciate their continued support in helping us upgrade the speedway. 
Heaven gained another angel on December 21, 2016 as we learned of the passing of Austin Gelwicks. Gelwicks competed in the 4 Cyl. Thunder Car division and was the 2014 Rooke of the Year.  He was a student at the Fannett Metal Junior-Senior High School. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and friends. His smiling face, and positive attitude will be sorely missed here at the speedway. 
Doug Sales in victory lane after winning the thunder car feature on 7/25/20
For great deals on all your automotive parts visit Rock Auto is a proud sponsor of Path Valley Speedway

By Judy McGee Timmons

  Path Valley Speedway ended their 2021 season with 
bringing in over 100 cars for the non-points competition.

  Adrian Shaffer and Cory Schmuck led the T.A. Ward Construction 
270 Sprints for their lineup under the beautiful display of fireworks 
donated by Tod Ward. Shaffer took the lead but Ryan McAndrew 
passed Shaffer after going wheel to wheel on lap seven. A caution 
came out for Bradyn Kuhn when his racer stopped between turns one 
and two and entered the pits. McAndrew, Shaffer, Bill Logeman and Cory 
and Craig Myers were in the top five as the leader gained on his 
competitors. Cory Myers passed Logeman and was side by side with 
Shaffer till lap sixteen when he moved into second. A caution came out 
for Matt Halfke which resulted in his racer going to the pits. McAndrew 
held his lead as Myers made advances on him; at one point passing the leader for a short time but McAndrew took it back till with only one lap to go, the leader started to slow down, losing power and coming to a stop against the wall out of turn two. Jason Houtz was towed to the pits while they continued to assist McAndrew from the track. Cory Myers was now in the lead, but on the restart Stephanie Welk brought her racer around turn two and it rolled on its side. The track crew got her back on four wheels, and even after her wild ride, drove her racer to the rear of the field. With one lap to go, Cory Myers claimed the win, followed by Shaffer, Logeman, Brent Shearer and Cory Schmuck Jr. Ryan McAndrew had the fastest lap time with an 11.406 seconds lap going 78.906 mph.

  In Thunder car action, Bill Seibert and Roger Traxler were sitting in the top spots on green, but Jeremy Ott came from fourth to first as Traxler, B. Seibert, and eighth place starter, Charles Stallman, and Lyle Barnes in pursuit. Tara Kerlin and Bill Seibert made contact with six laps in, putting Kerlin in the pits and Seibert to the rear. On the restart, Lyle Barnes was inches from Ott's bumper and Charlie Stallman had moved into third place while Douglas Sales and Roger Traxler were in a door to door feud for fourth place, when lap nine showed on the scoreboard, Ott caught up with the rear of the circuit and dodging lapped traffic. Ott, Stallman, Barnes and Doug Sales were running in a close group of four, as Kevin Bard and Justin Rasp made contact with sixteen laps completed putting Bard into the frontstretch wall. Bard returned to the competition as Rasp exited the track. Ott, Stallman, Barnes, Sales, and Justin McKee finished in the top five. Jeremy Ott had the fastest lap with 13.868 seconds and fastest speed with 64.898 mph.

  The Macri Concrete 600 Sprints were next on the racing card with in addition to Dexter Strawser at the top of the pack, but only one lap was recorded before the caution came out for Maddie Boyd, who had problems in turn two. Maddie rejoined the lineup at the rear as Strawser led the racers for four laps before Logan Ramsey got by Moyer and Strawser to take the lead. Rumsey led the field through a caution on lap nine, putting Mason Peters in the pits. As lap ten approached, a major accident between turns one and two brought out a red light when Cody West got his racer upside down but walked away unhurt.

  The reline had Rumsey in charge followed by Strawser, Jason Sechrist and Jim Young. Tristan Huffman and Taylor Troxel retired their rides on lap eleven as Rumsey led the pack with Strawser holding down second, and Sechrist and Young in pursuit. Sechrist and Young were side by side with Young gaining the position before Ryan Harshman went sideways into turn one and traveled towards turn two; hitting the wall hard and putting him upside down. Track personale & EMT;s checked everyone and all were AOK but Harshman had to put his racer into the pits.
  Rumsey led the restart with Strawser, Young, Sechrist, and Nathan Hauck who had moved into fifth place. On lap 23, Strawser, who was running second, left the circuit, moving Young to second and Hauck passing Sechrist to move into third as Rumsey claimed the checkered flag. Rumsey had the best lap time with 11.171 and fastest lap speed of 80.566 mph.

  Samuel Bryant and Derek Quade were at the top of the double file feature in the Steel Block Late Model division, but a pre-lap caution for Sam Bryant when he got turned out of turn two, put the racecars back to starting position. On green, Quade pulled to the lead with Randy Burkholder taking second Greg Moore in third and Andy Fries holding in fourth. Three laps were in when Brandon Seibert got turned; going out of turn two, putting him to the rear. The following lap also brought out a caution for Sam Bryant, who got his racer sideways in turn two. Quade led the restart followed by Burkholder, Moore, Fries, Seibert and Wes Bonebrake. The competition became more intense as the drivers ran thirteen nonstop laps; throwing their racers into the turns. Sam Bryant came to a stop in turn three on lap seventeen after which he pulled his late model into the pits. With thirteen laps remaining, Quade maintained his lead ahead of Burkholder, Fries, Frankie Gordon, Bonebrake, Moore, and Curt Dunn for the final lap. Quade had the best lap time with 11.392 seconds and the best lap speed at 79.003 mph.
The Metzler Auto Truck and Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman entered the oval with Carmen Perigo and Matt Cisney at the front. Cisney took the lead with Cliff Brian Jr and Perigo in pursuit till lap six when Perigo pulled by Cisney and Brian to claim the top position. As the three top drivers battled for the lead, the back of the field was moving forward as ninth place starter, Rohan Beasley pulled into the top five and seventh place starter, Steve Wilbur went wheel to wheel and side by side as he worked his way through his competitors, pulling into second place by midrace. Lap eighteen brought misfortune to Luke Lenker and Larry Drake as an accident coming out of turn four resulted in both cars retiring to the pits. Mike Smith was also involved but rejoined at the rear of the field. Perigo led the racers on the restart with Wilbur inches behind him and Trent Yoder, Brian and Beasley sitting in the top five. Wilbur and Perigo had their own show as they battled for the win; going wheel to wheel in every turn while Beasley and Yoder were also side by side but Beasley pulled away from Yoder and passed Brian putting him into third place. 

  The Perigo and Wilbur fans were on the edge of their seats as neither competitor was going to back down and the last four laps showed the skills needed to be a real competitor in racing. No fan knew the outcome of this race because the drivers were in each other's space as the front ends ran in unison till the very last minute when Wilbur got by Perigo, taking the win. Beasley, Brian Jr, and Trent Yoder finished out the top five. Matt Cisney claimed the best lap time at 12.194 seconds and lap speed of 73.807.

  The Strictly Stocks were the final race for the evening and for the 2021 racing season at Path Valley. 
Bryan Livengood and Justin Williamson were on the front of the double file start with Williamson pulling to the front on green, followed by Jeff Foster, Ryan Betres, Livengood and Bruce Betres. Four laps were logged when Clint Heimbaugh left the oval and five laps later, a caution waved for a turn three accident, resulting in Brian Livengood, Donald Wiland and Ryan Unger going to the pit area. Jimmy Moyer had to be towed from the oval on lap ten and Brad Boyd brought out another caution on lap twelve, which put him out of the race. At the front, Williamson and Ryan Betres were door to door and Jeff Bucher Foster was beside Bruce Betres as they battled for position. Justin Bucher and Bruce Betres brought out a caution on lap fifteen, putting Bucher to the rear and Betres to the pits. Williamson held the lead to the finish followed by Ryan Betres, David Moore, Jeff Foster and Justin Bucher. Williamson had the best lap time with 13.276 and best speed at 65.569

  Path Valley Speedway owners would like to take this time to thank everyone who came together to support the speedway for the 2021 season. It has been a hard year for many and we are so blessed that so many of you chose to spend your time with us and we appreciate it more than words can express. Be safe, take care, God Bless You All & We Hope to See You In The Spring!!!

2021 Winter Upgrades
Thirty-two loads of fresh sifted clay have been added to the high banked clay oval so far during the off season. Bleacher repair and rebuilding continues into the off season as well as repainting the speedway. More projects are planned as we continue to improve the little track with BIG action!