Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
Cisney Auto Part Enduro Rules

Any front wheel drive 4 cylinder car. No turbos or superchargers. A minimum of a roll bar behind the drivers seat is required. The roll bar must be secured to the floor on both sides. Full containment seat not required but HIGHLY recommended. All roll cages and safety equipment will be teched the day of the event. No rub rails on the outside of the body of the car. No push bumpers or any aftermarket bracing/tubing in front of the stock front bumper. For personal safety equipment guidelines, please see under strictly stock rules, Safety.

The initial start will be from a dead stop at the start/finish line. The first 100 laps will be run in normal racing direction. At 100 laps the red will come out and all disabled cars will be moved to the inside of the racing surface and the track will be watered. All cars are to remain on the speedway. If you leave the speedway under red, you will be disqualified and may not reenter the race.
Once all disabled cars are moved and track is watered, the remaining cars will line up at the start/finish line in the opposite direction and the remaining 100 laps will be run in the opposite direction. If a car becomes disabled on the speedway and track officials feel it is a dangerous situation, you will have 15 seconds to move out of harms way. If you can not move in 15 seconds, the red will come out and, once all cars are stopped, you will be instructed by a track official to exit your car.

Pre-registration opens 9/1/21 and MUST be received no later than 10/30/21. Starting order will be based off of pre-registration order. The speedway only has 60 transponders for rent the day of the Enduro and transponders are required. Transponders must be mounted on the rear axle. If you have your own transponder, please let us know when you pre-register. The pre-registration fee does not cover your transponder rental or pit gate fee.

For more information, questions, or details, please call Matt Cisney at 717-830-5802