Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
"The Little Track With The Big Action"
Racing every  Saturday night since 1987 on our 1/4 mile banked clay oval 

Start Times

Friday Night
Gates open at 5:00PM   Drivers Meeting at 6:45PM
       Warm ups at 7:00PM

Saturday Night 
(May thru October)
Gates open at 4:00PM
Drivers Meeting at 5:45PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM

Please check the schedule 
for special event times in addition to March/April times
Email us at
Path Valley Speedway 17911 Dry Run Road, Spring Run, PA 17262

Upcoming Events
Thank you to our 2024 Path Valley Division Sponsors

600cc Micros: Macri Concrete                                                                               4 Cylinder Thunder Cars: Cisney's Auto Parts

270cc Micros: T.A Ward Construction                                                                   Limited Late Models: Cordell Construction

Wingless Super Sportsman: Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer                             4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks: 

Legends: Zachary D Crouse DVM INC                                                                 Modifieds: Kathy Baker Coldwell Banker Realty  

​Please check out our sponsors page to get phone numbers and view our sponsors website
2024 Driver Information/Tax Sheet
*Please include your email and those 17 years and younger will need a copy of your birth certificate*
*Must be completed before the racing program begins*
(Click link to download)
Path Valley to Host Super Late Models 3 Times in 2024

As winter makes temperatures outside cool down the 2024 season 
schedule has just began to heat up at Path Valley. With last 
years return and success, the Appalachian Mountain Super 
Late Models speedweek makes its trek back to the speedway 
on Tuesday, June 11th. A dicey forecast last year would 
produce a washout despite high car counts. 

Sunday, May 19th will prove to be a historic night for the 
speedway as the World of Outlaws Late Model series will 
invade the high banked clay oval for the first time. Some 
of the top drivers in the nation are expected to battle it 
out with the locals. 

The third visit for the Super Lates will be the return of 
Dr. Crouse's Night of Power on Friday, July 19th. The ULMS 
Super Late Models will be featured along side the PASS 305 
Sprints, and the Modifieds. 

After a successful outing in 2023, the Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series will return to Path Valley Speedway on Friday, August 9th 2024. Last season we saw Oklahoma's Daison Pursley take the checkered flag over Jade Avedisian. A hard charging Gavin Miller would advance 11 places with Kyle Jones advancing 13 places in a hard fought race last season. The continued track improvements and addition of fresh clay should prove to be another exciting year for the Xtreme Midgets series at Path Valley. 
Saturday, April 27th
Cordell Construction Limited Late Models + T.A Ward Construction 270 Sprints ($500 to win) + Macri Concrete 600 Sprints + Cisney's Auto Parts 4 Cylinder Thunder Cars + 
Kathy Baker Cordell Banker Realty Modifieds + East Coast Legends

$500 to win 270 Sprints brought to you courtesy of Tod Ward of T.A Ward Construction

Gates open at 2PM
Warm ups at 4PM

General Admission
Adults - $10
Kids 10 & Under - $3

Pit Gate w/membership - $30
Pit Gate w/o membership - $30 + $5

By Judy McGee Timmons

Trent Yoder, Tanner Pressley, Colton McAndrew & Chris Anderson 
collected green to checkered wins in their feature events at Path 
Valley Speedway Saturday night after starting on the pole position 
with the exception of Anderson, who started in third.

Pressley shared the top row seat with Kameron Morral in the Macri 
Concrete 600 Sprint feature event which began with a prelap caution
 in turn 2 resulting in Ben Freels & Izzy Landis leaving the competition. 
On green Pressley pulled to the front with Kameron Morral in his tracks. 
Veteran driver, Jim Young, claimed third till lap 7 when his racer began to 
lose power on the backstretch forcing him to enter the pit area. The reline 
had Pressley at the front followed by Morral, Jason Sechrist, Cole 
Dewease & Chase Robinson for the top five when the green flag waved. Pressley & Morral were in a heated battle for the top spot, as the racers ran non-stop till lap 15 when Dakota Sheaffer's racer got out of position, creating a caution from which he returned to the rear. Cole Dewease moved to 3rd, passing Sechrist, as 9th place starter, Randy Kunkle took control of 4th with 5 laps remaining. Pressley & Morral were still in a heated battle at the front, with Pressley taking the checkered five laps later, followed by Morral, Dewease, Kunkle, & Sechrist for the final top five. Tanner Pressley had the best lap traveling 76.700 MPH in 11.734 seconds.

The Cisney Auto Parts Thunder Car feature went green with Charlie Stallman taking the lead ahead of Jake Shoup, Jeremy Ott, Aaron Updegraff & Tara Kerlin for the top five. Cautions involving Rhyann Arcq, Roger Traxler, & Michael Danner restarted the circuit with Jake Shoup pulling into the lead on lap 7. As midrace approached, the competition grew stronger as Jamie Rhone, Jeremy Eutzy, Kevin Bard & Eric Seibert moved forward into the top ten. Ott moved his racer by Shoup to take the lead as Stallman & Updegraff went door to door for 3 laps, with Stallman claiming the position, & continuing forward to pass Shoup & move in behind the leader where he remained as he followed Ott across the finish line. Shoup finished 3rd & was followed by Updegraff, & 12th place starter, Kevin Bard, for the final top five. Charlie Stallman had the best lap going 61.346 MPH in 14.671 seconds.

The Metzler Auto Truck & Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman were chauffeured to the track by Trent Yoder & Jason Failor with Yoder putting his racer to the lead spot where he remained for 30 laps to collect the checkered flag. Failor, Steve Wilbur, Luke Lenker & Craig Perigo were holding down the top five positions till cautions for Brian Nace & Michael Smith, reset the lineup & tightened the field. Lenker started to advance as the 16 competitors filled the quarter mile oval, running non-stop with Yoder at the front & Lenker pulling by Wilbur to take second position on lap 13. Craig Perigo & Dexter Ehrenzeller pulled into the top spots where they remained. The countdown was 2 laps to go as Ehrenzeller passed Perigo to finish in the fourth place spot. Yoder led the racers to the final lap, collecting the start to finish win ahead of Lenker, Wilbur, Ehrenzeller & Perigo. Luke Lenker had the best lap, traveling 67.639 MPH in 13.306 seconds.

The T.A. Ward Construction 270 Sprint division was brought to the green by Colton McAndrew & Zach Glass, who also finished the 20 lap feature event in the top two positions. C. McAndrew went to the lead spot on the start, followed by Glass, Craig Myers, Dylan Pryor, & Bradyn Kuhn. Two laps were complete when 5th place starter, Cory Myers, started to lose momentum coming down the backstretch, putting his racer out of the competition. McAndrew, Craig Myers, Glass, Kuhn, & Pryor were the top five on the reline, only to encounter another caution for Mark Gordon & Nadia Ebersole in turns 3 & 4. McAndrew led the racers back to green with Kuhn moving by Glass to take control of third place. Eight laps were complete when Craig Myers also developed issues with his racer, leaving the second place position ready for Kuhn to take control of ahead of Glass, Pryor & Houtz. As midrace approached, 4th place runner, Pryor, got into the turn 4 infield at the same time Bryson Haugh got his racer out of control in turn 2; both joining the rear of the line. Sean McAndrew took his ride to the pit area as Colton McAndrew led the restart, followed by Kuhn, Glass, Houtz & Mason McAndrew. The top five runners held their positions for 7 nonstop laps until a red flag was thrown for Bailey Green, when his racer flipped coming down the frontstretch. Bryson Haugh & Jamie Connelly had put their sprints against the frontstretch wall side by side to avoid Green's car. Leader McAndrew also put his car sideways to avoid collision, nesting against the previous occupants. Green was treated by track personal & the ambulance EMT as the track tow truck carried his racer to the pit area. Colton McAndrew led the racers to the checkered flag with Glass, Kuhn, Mason McAndrew & Jason Houtz rounding out the top five. Colton McAndrew also had the best lap speed at 75.364 MPH in 11.942 seconds.

Tianna Anderson & Shane Seville were the polesitters for the Strictly Stock division but Chris Anderson came from his third place starting spot to take the lead on lap one. Tyler Denike, Seville, Justin Williamson, & Matthew DuVall were in the top five spaces as the competition intensified within 5 laps as Seville & Williamson were wheel to wheel, then DuVall joined the fun, creating a three abreast car line. Chris Anderson must have had his racer loaded with jet fuel because he was leaving his competitors behind by the sixth lap & catching up to the back of the field by lap 8. DuVall continued to move forward, taking control of second place by lap 7 with Seville, Justin Williamson & Ryann Betres following. Anderson led the racers to the checkered flag, logging a start to finish win. Anderson also had the best lap when he was running at a speed of 62.617 MPH in 14.373 Seconds.

Chris Anderson in victory lane after winning the Strictly Stock feature event.