Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
"The Little Track With The Big Action"
Racing every  Saturday night since 1987 on our 1/4 mile banked clay oval 

Start Times

Friday Night
Gates open at 5:00PM   Drivers Meeting at 6:45PM
       Warm ups at 7:00PM

Saturday Night 
(May thru October)
Gates open at 4:00PM
Drivers Meeting at 5:45PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM

Please check the schedule 
for special event times in addition to March/April times
Email us at
Path Valley Speedway 17911 Dry Run Road, Spring Run, PA 17262

Upcoming Events
Thank you to our 2024 Path Valley Division Sponsors

600cc Micros: Macri Concrete                                                                               4 Cylinder Thunder Cars: Cisney's Auto Parts

270cc Micros: T.A Ward Construction                                                                   Limited Late Models: Cordell Construction

Wingless Super Sportsman: Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer                             4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks: 

Legends: Zachary D Crouse DVM INC                                                                 Modifieds: Kathy Baker Coldwell Banker Realty  

​Please check out our sponsors page to get phone numbers and view our sponsors website
2024 Driver Information/Tax Sheet
*Please include your email and those 17 years and younger will need a copy of your birth certificate*
*Must be completed before the racing program begins*
(Click link to download)
Path Valley to Host Super Late Models 3 Times in 2024

As winter makes temperatures outside cool down the 2024 season 
schedule has just began to heat up at Path Valley. With last 
years return and success, the Appalachian Mountain Super 
Late Models speedweek makes its trek back to the speedway 
on Tuesday, June 11th. A dicey forecast last year would 
produce a washout despite high car counts. 

Sunday, May 19th will prove to be a historic night for the 
speedway as the World of Outlaws Late Model series will 
invade the high banked clay oval for the first time. Some 
of the top drivers in the nation are expected to battle it 
out with the locals. 

The third visit for the Super Lates will be the return of 
Dr. Crouse's Night of Power on Friday, July 19th. The ULMS 
Super Late Models will be featured along side the PASS 305 
Sprints, and the Modifieds. 

After a successful outing in 2023, the Xtreme Outlaw Midget Series will return to Path Valley Speedway on Friday, August 9th 2024. Last season we saw Oklahoma's Daison Pursley take the checkered flag over Jade Avedisian. A hard charging Gavin Miller would advance 11 places with Kyle Jones advancing 13 places in a hard fought race last season. The continued track improvements and addition of fresh clay should prove to be another exciting year for the Xtreme Midgets series at Path Valley. 
Saturday, June 15th
East Coast Legends Series + T.A Ward Construction 270 Sprints + Macri Concrete 600cc Sprints + Cisney's Auto Parts 4 Cyl. Thunder Cars + Strictly Stocks

**270cc & 600cc micro make up features from 4-27 to be ran**

​Gates open at 4PM
Warm ups at 6PM

General Admission
Adults - $10
Kids 10 & Under - $3

Pit Gate w/membership - $30
Pit Gate w/o membership - $30 + $5

T.A Ward Construction sponsors $500 to win & $1,000 to win 270 Sprints Shows at Path Valley Speedway

Tod Ward of T.A Ward Construction is set to sponsor four $500 to win and three 
$1,000 to winevents for the 270 Sprints in 2024. Ward, an avid sponsor for the 
270 sprints first $500 to win show will be on March 23 followed by April 27th. 
The 270 sprints will compete again for another $500 to win event on May 18th 
for Path Valley Restaurant Night.  The final $500 to win 
event will be on June 29th.

The first $1,000 to win event for the T.A Ward Construction 270 Sprints will 
take place on the Roy & Margaret McGee Memorial Night, which honors 
the speedways founding family. The T.A Ward Sprints will then race into 
September with another $1,000 to win event on Sept. 7th which is also the 
night of the Dan Little/Trip Kone Memorial for the 600 Sprints. Ward will 
then sponsor a final $1,000 to win event which is slated to take
place at Bull Ring Nationals held on October 26th. 

Kids Night returns to Path Valley on Saturday, July 13th featuring the Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman. Also on the card will be a $500 to win T.A Ward Construction 270 Sprint event in addition to Macri Concrete 600 Sprints, Cisney's Auto Parts 4 Cyl. Thunder cars and Strictly Stocks.

Throughout the night ticket numbers will be called for the kids to go pick out a prize such as but not limited to bikes, scooters, fishing poles, etc. If you would like to be involved and donated an item you can either bring it to the speedway on Kids Night or see Luke & Nicole Lenker at the track or message them on Facebook. They are both an instrumental part of Kids Night and this event would not be able to happen without their support. The goal is that no child will go home empty handed.

This is a great night to bring a friend to the speedway or load up the neighborhood and bring a bus load. Driver autograph session will take place during intermission on the speedway. 

Poster created by Teal Beard
By Judy McGee Timmons

Path Valley Speedway gave fans yet another action packed racing night on Saturday evening, featuring the Cordell Construction Late Models, Kathy Baker Coldwell Banker Reality Modifieds, [ Each With Two Features], T.A. Ward Construction 270 Sprints, Cisney Auto Parts 4 Cylinder Thunder Cars, & the Macri Concrete 600 Sprints!!

The make-up feature of the Cordell Construction Late Model feature started the evening’s racing card as Johnny Bouse & Shyann Smith brought the 20 car field to the green. Bouse took the lead as Gunner Walls claimed 2nd position, followed by Daniel Garrett, Ralph Morgan & Smith for the top five runners. A full lap was complete when the 1st caution flag waved for Smith, when she got into the 4th turn infield & had to be towed from the oval. The reline had the top 4 remaining in their spots as Ralph Morgan took over the 5th position. Garrett held the lead but contact was made between Garrett & Gunner Walls, with both drivers securing their spots, until an accident involving John Moser, Ray Ciccarelli, Bouse & Walls in the turn 1 infield, resulted in Moser & Ciccarelli going to the rear & Bouse & Walls pitting, before returning to the end of the line. Cochran led the racers to the green on the restart as Garrett held 2nd till lap 8 when Garrett took the lead, where he remained for 10 laps, till the racer of Kyle Lear took over the lead, bringing the field to the checkered lap. Lear was followed by Garrett, Mike Walls, D.J. Myers & Matt Cochran. Bouse had the best lap by running at a speed of 77.747 MPH in 11.576 seconds.

The Kathy Baker Coldwell Banker Reality Modified division began their makeup feature event with Alyssa Rowe & Brady Daniels in the pole positions, with Rowe taking the lead on green, while Daniels, Amber Mills, Arden Fedder & Shawn Fessler pulled into the top 5 spots. Three laps were on the books when the caution waved for Curt Dunn, who entered the pits with tire issues. The top runners relined in the same order till lap 6 when Arden Fedder & Brad Kling created a caution in the turn two infield, resulting in Fedder getting a flat tire at which time he entered the pit area. Rowe, Daniels, Amber Mills, Spike Moore & Kirk Baker were now in the top five positions as they relined for the green. Moore piloted his ride into 3rd place, only to get out of control & come to a stop in the turn 2 infield, from which he went to the rear of the line. The racers continued to move forward as Rowe held the lead, meeting with the checkered flag lap ahead of Daniels, Mills, Kirk Baker & Sam Reeder, finishing out the top 5. Sam Reeder had the best lap, piloting his ride at a speed of 68.892 MPH in 13.064 seconds.
The Cisney Auto Parts 4 Cylinder Thunder Car feature was brought to action with Logan Epley & Cameron Defenderfer in the front seats of the lineup. Defenderfer pulled to an immediate lead as Eppley, Jeremy Eutzy, Robert McQuade & Kevin Bard ran in the top five. A caution for William Sterner, who ended in the turn one infield on lap 4, put the racers into a restart. Defenderfer was in control but on lap 6, Eppley & Bard got together on the backstretch, retiring both their racers for the evening. The top drivers behind Defenderfer were now, Jackson Eutzy, McQuade, Jason Erwin, & Aaron Updegraff. William Sterner got his racer sideways into the turn 1 infield on green, putting the racers back to another reline with Defenderfer in the front. The racers were intense in gaining positions, creating cautions, but also advancement in many circumstances, resulting in Charlie Stallman leaving the oval with 9 laps in, Dustin Moore getting into the front stretch infield on lap 10, going to the rear, Tara Kerlin putting her racer into a 180 degree turn with 11 laps complete, & William Sterner getting into the infield with 3 laps remaining, & going to the end of the line! Defenderfer, Updegraff, Jeremy Eutzy, McQuade & Jackson Eutzy were now the top drivers, where they stayed till the finish. Defenderfer had the best lap as he ran at 61.046 MPH in 14.743 seconds.

The second feature of the Cordell Construction Late Models had Devin Frey & Gunner Walls at the top of the 24 car lineup, with Frey taking the lead & Matt Cochran, Ray Ciccarelli, Walls & John Moser, pulling into the top five. Shyann Smith, Matt Adams, Matt Williamson & Richard Walls, left the oval by the completion of lap 4, Frey was at the front when a caution came out on lap 8 for Randy Burkholder, who went to the rear, followed by entering the pits; Kyle Lear, who stopped on the track, then to the back of the line, and Steve Lowery, who also went to the rear.
The restart had Frey, Cochran, Moser, Ciccarelli, & Kyle Wiser in the top five positions, where they ran for four laps till D.J Myers’s machine made an appearance into the top five spot, & moving onward to 4th by lap 11 & 3rd by lap 12. A caution for Ciccarelli waved on lap 16 when his racer seemed to be out of control on the track, away from the other competitors, eventually slowing as the driver exited the raceway. Frey led on the restart with D. J. Myers at his bumper & Matt Cochran, John Moser, & Mike Walls waiting in the wings to gain positions. The top contenders were immediately into a track battle as they went three abreast on the wave of green to get to the top, with Frey & Myers on a mission of their own. Five laps were on the board when Myers passed Frey for the lead, & Mike Walls came from his 23rd starting position to claim 4th place, { giving him the Hard Charger Award}. Cochran passed Frey with three laps to go taking 3rd as Myers collected the checkered flag. Michael Walls held 4th place & John Moser finished out the top five. D.J. Myers had the best lap piloting his racer at 69.103 MPH in 13.024 seconds.

The Macri Concrete 600 Sprints Division had some issues getting the action started when pre-lap cautions for Dakota Sheaffer, Tanner Presley, Taylor Smith & Aden Myers delayed the process; but when the action did evolve, what a race!! Sheaffer, Smith & Myers returned to the oval while Presley was pushed to the pits as the result of the cautions. Jim Young & Travis Keiser chauffeured the racers to the green, with Young taking the lead & Randy Kunkle coming from 3rd to 2nd on lap 3. Keiser was holding 3rd as Cole DeWease sprouted wings, going from 7th to 4th in 3 laps, followed by Chase Robinson for the top five. The competition was on the high level of intense as the top runners held their spots for 11 laps till a yellow flag waved for Taylor Smith, who went to the back of the line after spinning out in turn one. The restart tightened the racers inches apart as fans of the top runners were on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next moves the drivers would make to create an advantage for a win. Two more laps of wheel to wheel action with Young & Kunkle, then a caution for Aden Myers who went to the pits after a turn 4 issue. Young & Kunkle were so close that the final lap result was not known till the two rounded turn three for the final lap and Kunkle made the move that gave him the win over the veteran 19 lap leader, showing a .008 second differential in speed!! Cole DeWease had the best lap traveling 73.922 MPH in 12.175 seconds.

The Kathy Baker Coldwell Banker Reality Modifieds entered the gate for their regularly scheduled race with Amber Mills & Brad Kling sitting at the top of the 16 car starting lineup. On green, an immediate three abreast battle erupted between Kling, Spike Moore, & Amber Mills in a tight situation with Sam Reeder & Mills in the top five. Shawn Fessler brought out the first caution when his racer went out of control twice in turn three. Spike Moore was the leader with Kling, Baker, Dann Hoover & Sam Reeder sitting in the top five positions, for 4 laps till a caution for Doug Ostwald brought the racers to a yellow flag as Ostwald went to the pits. Moore held the lead as Kling, Baker, Hoover & Reeder were maintaining their positions, with Alyssa Rowe moving in behind Reeder & Mills. Moore began pulling his racer away from the competition as the high-powered Mods ran nonstop, relining only twice for Dean Hoffman on lap 8 & Shawn Fessler on lap 15. Kirk Baker & Darin Hoover went into a wheel to wheel battle for 3rd place while Brady Daniels & Todd Goss were door to door for 7th behind the top 5. Moore gained space ahead of Kling as the Mods reached the countdown for the final five laps, Moore collecting the win ahead of Kling, Baker, Hoover and Sam Reeder. Spike Moore also had the best lap speed traveling at 66.440 MPH in 13.546 seconds.

The T.A. Ward Construction Micro Sprints had Zach Glass & Cory Myers sitting in the front row of the starting lineup, as they entered the gate for their feature event. Cory Myers pulled forward to get an immediate lead ahead of Glass, Bradyn Kuhn, Craig Myers & Jason Houtz. Craig Myers’s racer started to slow down after some contact was made on the backstretch, putting the top runner in the pits. Cory Myers, Kuhn, Zach Glass, Jason Houtz & Brad Cowen were now sitting in the top five with Glass & Houtz going wheel to wheel; Houtz moving to third & Brad Cowan also getting by Glass to pull into 4th place. A caution flag for Eric Christman & Mark Snyder waved after they got their racers into problems in turn 2, putting both racers to the rear as Corey Myers led the drivers back to action on the restart. Myers, Kuhn, Houtz, Cowan & Glass were now the top five till lap 14 when Dakota Yeingst moved by Glass taking 5th place, where they remained for four laps till 2nd place runner, Bradyn Kuhn came to a stop going into turn one, from where he had to be pushed to the pit area.; Cory Myers led the racers to the final reline, collecting the win ahead of Houtz, Cowan, Yeingst & Glass for the final top five. Cory Myers also had the best lap speed running at 74.123 MPH in 12.142 seconds.
4-27 Make Up Features

-4 Cylinder Thunder Cars will be made up on June 29th