Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
"The Little Track With The Big Action"
Racing every  Saturday night since 1987 on our 1/4 mile banked clay oval 

Start Times

Friday Night
Gates open at 5:00PM   Drivers Meeting at 6:45PM
       Warm ups at 7:00PM

Saturday Night 
(May thru October)
Gates open at 4:00PM
Drivers Meeting at 5:45PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM

Please check the schedule 
for special event times in addition to March/April times
Email us at
Path Valley Speedway 17911 Dry Run Road, Spring Run, PA 17262

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Thank you to our 2023 Division Sponsors

600cc Micros: Macri Concrete                                                                               4 Cylinder Thunder Cars: Cisney's Auto Parts

270cc Micros: T.A Ward Construction                                                                   Limited Late Models: Cordell Construction

Wingless Super Sportsman: Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer                             4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks: 

​Please check out our sponsors page to get phone numbers and view our sponsors website
Hap Swope Construction
Harrisonville, PA
717 - 496 - 5079
Thank you to the following business's for their contributions during the off season. We appreciate their continued support in helping us upgrade the speedway. 
2024 Driver Information/Tax Sheet
*Must be completed before the racing program begins*
(Click link to download)
2024 Reserved Parking Information

 - Must be renewed no later than the night of the banquet meal. After the meal, all available spaces can be rented by anyone. First come, first serve.  Pits are $50. Grandstands are $40.

  Path Valley Speedway's 2023 racing season was completed on Saturday night, October 28th, with Points Championships being finalized for Jason Houtz in the T.A. Ward Construction 270 Sprint Division; Jim Young, in the Macri Concrete 600 Sprint Division; Derek Sheaffer, in the Metzler's Truck & Trailor Wingless Super Sportsman Division; Jackson Eutzy in the Cisney Auto Parts Thunder Cars; Jimmy Moyer for the Strictly Stock Division and Jaxton Garman for the Cordell Construction Limited Late Models. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FOR A GREAT SEASON!!

By Judy McGee Timmons

  Visualize a full moon! Fantastic Weather! Halloweeners everywhere! A fast racetrack! Hundreds of fans! 130 race cars ready to compete! Fireworks lighting up the sky over all feature events! $1000.00 sponsorship for the winner of the 270 feature! The BODY SNATCHER Garage Hearst which will be used as a Pace Car! The aroma of Becky's concessions! Lines of children in costumes meeting their favorite drivers! SO Much More! PATH VALLEY SPEEDWAY HAD IT ALL!

  The Macrti Concrete 600 Micro Sprints were first on the racing card with Steve Whary and Jim Young at the front. Young pulled to the lead with Randy West, Whary, Hunter McFadden & Kameron Morral at the front. A one lap caution came out for Vincent Gaudiose, who got his racer on its side along with Zach Huff, with both racers pitting. With Young in the lead, Steve Whary left the track on lap 4 and Brice Harro came to a stop on the frontstretch with five laps complete & going to the pits. Randy Kunkle Jr, exited the raceway on lap 6.

  Young held strong on the lead with Randy West in his tracks as Kameron Morral & Brian Kramer moved into 3rd and 4th position as they ran 7 non-stop laps till a caution for Brandon Shearer waved putting the contender to the pits.

  Young, West, Morral, Kramer and 13th place starter, Cole Dewease were now in the top five on the restart but a major shifting took place with Morral moving to second, Kramer into third & Dewease in fourth place. Morral put the pressure on Young, running close to 77MPH for 8 laps before passing the veteran driver, as Kramer held third till Dewease came charging by Kramer & Young to claim second place behind Morral as he passed the checkered flag. Morral had the best lap going 76.923 MPH in 11.7 seconds.

  The Cordell Construction Limited Late Models were next on the oval with Spike Moore taking the lead ahead of Mike Walls, Taylor Farlling, Dan Zechman & Gunner Walls. Devin Fry and Jaxton Garman got together putting their racers to the rear. Spike Moore led on the restart; Gerald Davis & Gunner Walls were going door to door for 4th position while Randy Burkholder & Zechman were wheel to wheel for 7th position. D.J. Myers started 8th but was moving toward the front, getting by Gunner Walls on lap 8 to take the fifth-place spot.

  Moore, Farlling, and Mike Walls pulled away from the remainder of the racers with Moore getting a comfortable lead as Walls & Farlling rounded the turns side by side as did D.J. Myers and Gerald Davis in their bid for 4th position with Myers moving forward. The top runners remained till lap 21 when Gunner Walls came to a stop on turn three, going to the rear. The reline put Moore at the top with Farlling & Mike Walls holding the top three positions until lap 21 when Myers pulled into third. Gunner Walls started to lose power on the backstretch retiring his racer on lap 23, putting the lineup with Moore, Farlling, D.J. Myers, Michael Walls and Gerald Davis for the top 5 as Moore collected the win. Moore also had the best lap traveling 71.822 MPH in 12.531 seconds.

  The Metzler's Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman were escorted by Eric Walker & Brad Cowan with Walker pulling to the lead & Craig Perigo coming from fifth to 2nd ahead of Cowan and Trent Yoder. Two laps were recorded when Rohan Beasley got into the turn one infield, having to be towed to the pit area.

  Walker, Cowan, Craig Perigo, Trent Yoder & Brad Mellott were sitting in the top five on the restart & when the green flag flew, so did the racers, running 28 laps non-stop with a lot of moving going on as Walker held the lead & Craig Perigo moved to second as Yoder passed Cowan for 3rd.

  Brett Perigo came from 13th to fourth & Billy Brian Jr. came from eighteenth starting spot to claim fifth position. On lap 22, Craig Perigo had the hammer down, getting by Walker for the lead and taking the win ahead of Walker, Yoder, Brett Perigo, and Billy Brian Jr. Craig Perigo had the best lap going 68.467 MPH in 13.145 seconds.

  The T.A. Ward Construction 270 Micro sprints had a full field of 24 racers ready for action for a $1000,00 winner's jackpot sponsored by T.A. Ward Construction. Mason McAndrew & Craig Myers were sitting at the top of the double file starting lineup with Myers pulling out front on the wave of the green flag. McAndrew held second place & was followed by Glenn Macomber, Brent Bull & Alex Swift, where they ran for 6 laps till Bull moved into 3rd place. On lap 10, Cory Myers & Pat Bealer brought out the caution when they got together going into turn 4, putting both racers to the rear. The reline was Craig Myers, McAndrew, Bull, Macomber, and Swift; but another caution coming back to back on turn 4 for Zach Glass, who got against the turn 4 wall, relining at the rear.

  The racers ran nonstop till midrace when Hunter Zimmerman & Parker Lucas got together, also in turn four. Craig Myers, Bull, McAndrew and Macomber sat in the top seats on the restart but the progress was again detained by the racers of Jason Paisley & Tyler Brown, who got together out of turn two and were hooked together. Paisley was towed while Brown returned to the rear. Craig Myers & Brent Bull went into immediate rivalry on green, racing side by side till Bull got too close to the frontstretch wall, from which he retired his racer for the evening. On the restart Macomber moved into second behind Myers, with McAndrew, Swift, and Chris Dolan in the top five spots.

  The last five laps brought a lot of changes as Macomber held second. Swift moved into third and Chris Dolan took the 4th position with Bradyn Kuhn finishing in the top five. Craig Myers took the win and also had the best lap speed traveling at 74.485 MPH in 12.083 seconds.

  The Cisney Auto Parts Thunder Car Feature began with Tara Kerlin and Jeremy Ott sitting on the pole with Ott pulling to the lead on green. A caution for Brittney Arcq on the frontstretch brought out the first reline followed by Jason Erwin and Brian Pecht; then James Arcq, in the first 4 laps.

  Ott, Kerlin, Cameron Defenderfer, Jamie Rhone & Lyle Barnes were the top five on the restart where they remained for 4 laps till Defenderfer got into the turn two infield, rejoining the circuit at the rear. Ott, Kerlin, Bard, Rhone, and Barnes remained in the top five with all racers going wheel to wheel to advance their positions. Bard took over 2nd place after door to door action with Kerlin, & Rhone moved into fourth after a side to side battle with Barnes.

  On lap 11, Aaron Updegraff, Ronnie Garlock lll & Justin Rasp, brought out a caution with all three entering the pits. Ott, Bard, Kerlin, Barnes & Rhone sat strong as Rodney Walls moved into the 6th position. On lap 14, 4th place runner, Barnes, got sideways in the turn two infield, going to the rear.

  Three laps later, Cameron Defenderfer & Jake Shoup were given a caution on the frontstretch, resulting in Defenderfer being towed & Shoup entering the pits. Rodney Walls moved into 4th place with Nicholas Barthalow taking the top five spot as Ott, Bard & Kerlin passed the checkered flag for the win. Jeremy Ott had the best lap, racing at 62.254 MPH in 14.457 seconds.

  Justin Williamson & Jimmy Moyer brought the Strictly Stock 24 car field to green with Williamson, Moyer, Ryann Betres, Kala Varner and Blaine Strait in the top five. Seven laps were recorded when Shawn Williamson, Matthew Kauffman and Tiana Anderson retired their racers for the evening. Two laps later between turns 3 & 4, Sam Regitz lost a tire, having to be towed to the pit area.

  The restart had Justin Williamson at the front, with Moyer, Betres, Anderson & Kala Varner in the top five. Jason Goss left the circuit on lap 13, & Brandon Fisher also called it a night after coming to a stop out of turn two on the backstretch. The top five put the pedal to the clay as they raced to the front on the wave of the green flag, with Ryann Betres making a fast move, getting by Williamson & taking the lead for 5 laps. Moyer was closing in on the leader, putting the pressure on & taking the lead with two laps remaining, where he stayed to the finish, taking the win. Betres held the second-place finish followed by Bentley & Justin Williamson & Joshua Norton for the top five. Justin Williamson had the best lap, racing at 62.644 MPH in 14.367 seconds.

Path Valley to Host Super Late Models 3 Times in 2024

As winter makes temperatures outside cool down the 2024 season 
schedule has just began to heat up at Path Valley. With last 
years return and success, the Appalachian Mountain Super 
Late Models speedweek makes its trek back to the speedway 
on Tuesday, June 11th. A dicey forecast last year would 
produce a washout despite high car counts. 

Sunday, May 19th will prove to be a historic night for the 
speedway as the World of Outlaws Late Model series will 
invade the high banked clay oval for the first time. Some 
of the top drivers in the nation are expected to battle it 
out with the locals. 

The third visit for the Super Lates will be the return of 
Dr. Crouse's Night of Power on Friday, July 19th. The ULMS 
Super Late Models will be featured along side the PASS 305 
Sprints, and the Modifieds.