Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
"The Little Track With The Big Action"
Racing every  Saturday night since 1987 on our 1/4 mile banked clay oval 

Start Times

Friday Night
Gates open at 5:00PM   Drivers Meeting at 6:45PM
       Warm ups at 7:00PM

Saturday Night 
(May thru October)
Gates open at 4:00PM
Drivers Meeting at 5:45PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM

Please check the schedule 
for special event times in addition to March/April times
Email us at
Path Valley Speedway 17911 Dry Run Road, Spring Run, PA 17262

Upcoming Events
Thank you to our 2022 Division Sponsors

600cc Micros: Macri Concrete                                                                               4 Cylinder Thunder Cars : BDR Racing Supplies

270cc Micros: T.A Ward Construction                                                                   Limited Late Models: Cordell Construction

Wingless Super Sportsman:  Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer                             4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks: T.B's Body Shop

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Hap Swope Construction
Harrisonville, PA
717 - 496 - 5079
Thank you to the following business's for their contributions during the off season. We appreciate their continued support in helping us upgrade the speedway. 
Friday, August 19th
Battle At the Bullring Night 1
358 Sprints + Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman + Macri Concrete 600cc Micros + TB's Body Shop 4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks

Thunders are OFF

Gates open at 5PM
Warm ups at 7PM

General Admission
Adults - $10
Kids 10 & under - $3

Pit Gate w/ membership - $30
Pit Gate w/o membership - $35

Saturday, August 20th
June O'Donnell Memorial/Battle At the Bullring Night 2
Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman + T.A Ward Construction 270cc Micros ($500 to win) + Macri Concrete 600cc Micros + BDR Racing Products 4 Cylinder Thunder Cars + TB's Body Shop 4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks

*Austin Gelwicks Memorial 
Make up feature 4 Cyl. Thunder*

Gates open at 4PM
Warm ups at 6PM

General Admission
Adults - $10
Kids 10 & under - $3

Pit Gate w/ membership - $30
Pit Gate w/o membership - $35

Photos by Teal Beard, Paul Wilson, Scott Suloff of WRT SpeedWerx

(This needs completed before entering the race. Click to download)
USAC National Sprint Series 2021
Jim Young in victory lane 5-14-22
Cameron Smith in victory lane 5-14-22
(Posted 6/19/22)

Effective immediately classes with 10 and under cars, feature only. You must have 11 cars to run a heat race. 

The McGee Memorial honoring the founders of Path Valley will 
take place on Saturday, September 3rd. The McGee family started
construction of Path Valley in 1986 with its completion in 1987.
The doors of Path Valley opened for its first race in June of 1987
and has thrived to this day. Roy & Margaret along with their
children; Judy, Gary, and Ray operated the speedway until the 
year 2000. Although gone from ownership the McGee children 
can still be found at the speedway with Gary in the pits helping
drivers, and Judy writing our weekly write ups. A McGee Era
Legacy book was released last year by daughter, Judy which can 
be purchased at the speedway. 

The McGee Memorial is always an exciting event as we invited 
any McGee era drivers back to the speedway that evening for 
an on track reunion at intermission and group photo. There will
also be driver introductions and brief interviews from our 
former heros. 

Increased payouts and contingencies will be announced closer
to the time of the race. If you or your business would like to 
help sponsor the McGee Memorial please see Judy or Dr. Crouse at the speedway in the tower. 
Make up features for the Austin Gelwicks Memorial will be as follows:

Sat. August 27th - Mason Dixon 270s
Sat. September 3rd - Limited Late Models
Sat. September 10th - 600cc Micros 

Eckert wins ULMS feature $3,500 purse sponsored by Dr.Crouse at P.V.S. 
By Judy McGee Timmons 

Dr. Zachary Crouse’s “Night of Power” was exactly that- as Rick Eckert clocked 
a lap time at 83.84 mph in 10.788 seconds on the Path Valley Speedway 
quarter mile oval “bullring” which gave Eckert a front row seat in the feature 
event; Beside Jason Covert; the only competitor to out run Eckert in the 
time trials, rounding the oval in 10.619 seconds giving him a speed of 84.81mph. 
The introduction of the ULMS 22 car field put the fans on their feet when they 
rounded the oval in a three abreast form with fireworks by T.A Ward 
construction lighting up the backstretch skyline; as the roar of 22 engines 
prepared to see green. Eckert pulled to the lead on the wave of green 
but a “one lap logged” caution for Jake Moser who did a 180 in turn 3+4; 
reset the playing field with Eckert, Covert, Greg Satterlee, 
Jared Miley and Devin Hart Relining for the top five.  

Eckert Held his lead as he maneuvered his racecar into the turns with sideway thrusts; positioning his racecar for the stroll down the front stretch and backstretch with Covert in a competitive spot; logging the best lap speed at 74.863 mph in 12.022 seconds while sharing the raceway with 20 other competitors. Gregg Satterlee was running a close third as Jared Miley held forth and 7th place starter, Matt Cosner moved into fifth, letting Miley know he was in the wings. 

The high powered late models filled the track with Eckert meeting the rear of the field at the half way mark, as they ran non-stop dodging and passing traffic. Eight laps of the 30 lap feature were complete when Alyssa Rowe got out of shape in turn 4, resulting in being towed to the pits. The reline tightened the top runner’s positions; giving Satterlee an advantage to pass Covert, taking the second place position and Matt Cosner claiming fourth as Jared Miley finished out in the top five. Jason Covert, Rick Eckert, and Gregg Satterlee were the heat winners. 

 The pass 305 sprints were next on the racing card with Kruz Kepner and Austin Reed leading the 20 cars line up to the green. Austin Reed took the lead on green as Doug Dodson moved into second, Kepner, Dave Wickham and Garrett Bard, finishing out the top five. Reed encountered lapped traffic with six laps complete, decreasing his lead as Dodson put the pressure on and Garrett Bard ran fourth.The sprints came to a reline after a caution for Mike Alleman Kruz Kepner were giving in midrace. 

Reed led on the restart but was taken over by Dodson. As Garrett Bard moved into the third spot and Dave Wickham and Drew Rickey took over the top five where they remained till Dodson collected the checkered for the twenty-five lap feature event. Doug Dodson had the best lap speed as 76.485 mph and the best lap time at 11.767 seconds. The 305 heats were won by Garrett Bard, Kruz Kepner, and Doug Dodson. 

The modifieds feature event began with a pre-lap caution for polesitter Haley Kaiser putting the number 0 to the rear of the line up. Michael Altobelli Jr. moved forward to be positioned beside Andrew Swope, when the flag went green; pulling to the lead, on lap four, Kaiser went to the pit area, Carl McKinney was towed from turn 4 and Arden Fedder also left the oval with four laps complete. The top five reline was Altobelli Jr. Andrew Swope, Rick Singleton, Darin Hoover, Dennis Perigo. 

Autobelli remained the leader on green, gaining extra space between his racer and swope as he logged a lap speed of 66.573 mph in 13.519 seconds, encountering lap traffic by lap 10. The racers were non-stop in competition till lap 16 when, Brad Kling got into the turn 2+1 infield resulting in taking his racer to the pits and Dennis Perigo going to the rear. 

Antobelli led the field to the final green with swope, Singleton, Ray Kable and Darin Hoover crossing the line for top five. Devin Frey finished 6th after staring 14th giving him the “hard charger” award. Andrew swope and Haley Raiser were the modified heat winners. 

Path Valley Speedway Saturday 8/13/22
By Judy McGee Timmons

Milburn collects emotional win in E-mod competition at Path Valley Speedway
Justin Milburn has not won a race in 11 years but Saturday night he led the 
modified division for 20 laps in a green to checkered event at Path Valley 

Milburn pulled to the lead on green and was immediately pressured by Andrew 
Swope as they entered the turns side by side for three laps till Swope, Jason 
Kipp, and Brady Daniels got together between turns three and four, putting all 
three to the rear of the field. 

Daniels again brought out a caution as he came out of turn four, with Dean 
Hoffman as coming to a stop in the backstretch. Both of the racers returned 
to the rear of the line as Milburn held the lead.  

Darin Hoover, Scott Daniels, Doug Ostwald, and Kevin Vanhorn were sitting in the top five spots when the flag went green with Hoover inches behind the leader and Ostwald and Vanhorn moving into third and fourth place after door to door competition with Daniels. Andrew Swope came from the rear to pull into third place by lap ten, as lapped traffic became an issue for the top runners. Brady Daniels got past Ostwald as Milburn ran his final lap to the checkered. Hoover crossed the line behind hm followed by Swope, Daniels, and Ostwald for the top five finishers.

Andrew Swope had the best lap speed at 65.488 miles per hour and best lap time of 13.743 seconds.
The TA Ward Construction 270 sprints were serenaded with fireworks as they entered the track with Kyle Hendershot and Bradyn Kuhn at the front of the line up. 

Hendershot pulled to the front ahead of Kuhn but the caution flag waved before the first complete lap for Ian Anders, Dale Dupler, and Quintin Flory. Under the same caution, Jason Houtz came to a stop between turns three and four and was pushed to the pits.  
Hendershot led the field in the reline as Flory wen to the rear and Cory Myers passed Kuhn to take second place.

Tyler Brown was bringing his racer thru the pack taking furth position, but suddenly came to a stop on the backstretch and had to be pushed to the pit area. 
The reline had Hendershot, Myers, Kuhn, Brad Cowan, and Travis Kelser in the top five till midrace when Hendershot stopped on the front stretch and Cowan pulled over between turns one and two resulting in both racers going to the pits.

Corey Myrs, Kuhn, Travis Keiser, Zachary Glass, and Stephanie Welk were sitting in the top five till lap thirteen when a caution for Jamie Connelly and Noelle Ebersole ended their run for the evening after getting together in turn one and two infield.  

Myers escorted is competitors to the green for the final time as the top five shifted positions. Eyeing the top spot which Myers maintained followed by Bradyn Kuhn, Travis Keiser, Stephanie Welk, and Quinton Flory for the top five. Kyle Hendershot had the fastest lap running 76.368 miles per hour in 11.785.
IB’s Body Shop Strictly Stock Feature was led to the green by Jimmy Moyer and Rusty Garlock with Moyer taking the lead on the green. Justin Williamson took second for two laps till Garlock took his position back prior to a caution for Dale Kirby on lap five which relocated him to the rear of the field. On the following lap, the caution returned or Rhyan Arq who got against the wall coming out of turn one and was towed to the pits. Moyer, Garlock, Williamson, Steven Jacobs, and Brad Boyd were in the top five at the drop of the green with Jacobs and Boyd passing Williamson for spots three and four. Myer held his lead for the next 13 laps taking the win ahead of Garlock, Steven Jacobs, Justin Williamson, and Dale Kirby.

Jimmy Moyer had the best lap time going 63.717 miles per hour and best lap time at 14.25 seconds.
The Cordell Construction Limited Late Models started their 25-lap feature with a pre lap wreck putting Eddie Cornett to the rear and Eric Irvin to the pits for a brief touch up, then returned to the back of the circuit.

Andy Fries met the green beside Jakob Piper and logged one lap before Cornett took a second spin into turns three and four infield returning him to the rear. Fries chaffered the competitors back to the green but bad luck continued for Cornett as he brought out his third caution and entered the pits. The top five line-up was Andy Fries, Jakob Piper, Kirk Baker, Jaxton Garman, and Brad McGinnis. 

The rumble and roar of the late models finally filled the air as Fries escorted the seventeen-car field to the green with Piper, Kirk Baker, Jaxton Garman, and Brad McGinnis fir the top five where they remained in close competition for six laps till 9th place starter Randy Burkholder moved by McGinnis to take fifth position briefly till McGinnis reclaimed it during lapped traffic. With 21 laps in the books, Garman and Burkholder tangled putting them both out of competition with four laps remaining.

Fries led Piper, Baker, McGinnis, and Maddy Miller to the checkered flag collecting a green to checkered win. Andy Fries had the best lap speed at 71.988 mph and best lap time of 12.502 seconds.

Rick Eckert in victory lane after winning the ULMS Super Late Model feature
Justin Milburn ends his winning drought and parks the #95 modified in victory lane