Path Valley Speedway
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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
"The Little Track With The Big Action"
Racing every  Saturday night since 1987 on our 1/4 mile banked clay oval 

Start Times

Friday Night
Gates open at 5:00PM   Drivers Meeting at 6:45PM
       Warm ups at 7:00PM

Saturday Night 
(May thru October)
Gates open at 4:00PM
Drivers Meeting at 5:45PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM

Please check the schedule 
for special event times in addition to March/April times
Email us at
Path Valley Speedway 17911 Dry Run Road, Spring Run, PA 17262

Upcoming Events
Thank you to our 2023 Division Sponsors

600cc Micros: Macri Concrete                                                                               4 Cylinder Thunder Cars: Cisney's Auto Parts

270cc Micros: T.A Ward Construction                                                                   Limited Late Models: Cordell Construction

Wingless Super Sportsman: Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer                             4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks: 

​Please check out our sponsors page to get phone numbers and view our sponsors website
Hap Swope Construction
Harrisonville, PA
717 - 496 - 5079
Thank you to the following business's for their contributions during the off season. We appreciate their continued support in helping us upgrade the speedway. 
270 Micro Sprints Bring in 2023 With Bigger Payouts

Tod Ward of T.A Ward Construction has big things planned
 for the 270 micro sprints as we enter the 2023 racing season. 
Ward, already the class sponsor for the 270 sprints has planned 
17 high paying show for the micros in 2023. The majority of these 
shows will pay $500 to win with two paying $1,000 to win. ($1,000 to
win on May 27th & Oct. 28th)

Many thanks to T.A Ward Construction for his continued support of Path 
Valley and the 270 micro sprint class. 

​Saturday, September 30
Dr. Crouse's Central PA Legends Summer Slam
Metzler's Auto, Truck & Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman + Central PA Legends + PASS 305 Sprints + T.A Ward Construction 270cc Micros + Macri Concrete 600cc Micros + Cisney's Auto Parts 4 Cylinder Thunder Cars 

Central PA Legends Summer Slam Purse
1) $1,300 2) $520 3) $310 4) $225 5) $195 6) $155 7) $135 8) $125 9) $115 10) $105 11) $95 12) $95 13) $95 14) $95 15) $85 16) $85 17) $80 18) $80 19 - 24) $75

Hard Charger & Hard Luck Awards - $40
Top 5 Non-Qualifiers $40 Tow

Total difference in purse + incentives = $3,240​

Gate open at 4:00PM
Warm ups at 6:00PM​

​General Admission
Adults - $10
Kids 10 & under - $3

Pit Gate w/membership - $30
Pit Gate w/o membership - $30 + $5 (one time fee)

2023 Driver Information/Tax Sheet
*Must be completed before the racing program begins*
(Click link to download)
By Judy McGee Timmons

   Path Valley Speedway positioned their flag at half-mast; 
Spoke of feelings of the loss of a great friend, a dependable 
& dedicated employee, a gentle, kind man that always 
expressed himself with a different kind of humor, all his own; 
a friend to everyone he ever met at the pit gate at Path Valley; 
 a family man who had a nickname for them all; a devoted 
husband who expressed "There will never be another woman 
like her" when his wife, June, passed in 2015; an outgoing 
man who loved to mingle with friends, and always willing to 
help out where he was needed. The list is endless, but we 
bowed our heads to honor you with a moment of silence, 
a moment of tears for us that knew you well. RIP DEAR FRIEND. 
YOU WILL BE MISSED. [Ron O'Donnell was an employee at the 
Path Valley Speedway for over 30 years. He worked under the original builders & owners of the track {Roy & Margaret McGee & Family} & continued straight thru to the present owners {John & Tami Winsett/Vicki & Jack Flowers}. Ron left us on September 14th after a short battle with cancer, attending his final race on August 26th; The Memorial for his wife, June.}

  Kevin Bard and Jackson Eutzy held the front row positions at the wave of green in the Cisney's Auto Parts Thunder Car Division, with Eutzy taking a brief lead before the first prelap caution for Darald Babcock and Doug Sales; both going to the rear of the field after damage to Babcock's racer was completed.

The 24 car field was ready to roll as the reline had Jackson Eutzy at the front but the caution waved again for Jeremy and Jake Shoup, putting both their racers to the back of the reline. At the wave of green, the drivers were inches apart as Eutzy held the lead with Charlie Stallman, Kevin Bard, Justin Rasp & Cameron Defenderfer took claim for the top five positions as the top runners were determined to take the lead, creating an edge of your seat action as Bard went to the front, but just a little too late as another caution for Doug Sales put the drivers into a prior lap reline; putting Jackson Eutzy back at the front, with Bard in second, & Stallman in third.

  The battle had begun as the top drivers ran inches apart with Bard taking the lead ahead of Eutzy, then Stallman and Rasp. Stallman pulled into second by lap 10, as Cameron Defenderfer pulled to McQuade's back bumper, and a caution for Doug Sales & Kenny Hill in turn 4 put both racers to the rear. Fifteen laps were logged when McQuade got his racer into the infield, putting him out of the race.

The score tower showed 4 laps to go with the racers so close on the reline, they were tapping each other bumper to bumper. Stallman put the pressure on Bard with Jackson Eutzy in their tracks as Rasp and Defenderfer went door to door. Bard took the win with Stallman, Eutzy, Defenderfer, and Rasp finishing out the top five. Charlie Stallman logged the fastest lap traveling at 62.259 MPH in 14.456 seconds.

  The Central PA Legends were next on the oval as Lincoln Kearchner & Colton Friese led them to the green, with Kearchner taking the lead spot, where he remained for 5 laps before Tanner Jones passed him for the lead. A caution flag was waved for Grady McNew & Hunter McElroy with 6 laps complete, putting McNew in the pits & McElroy to the rear. Jones, Kearchner, Jeremy Ott, Devon Friese & Colton Friese were in the top five on the restart but more cautions readjusted the lineups after Cory Phillips, Donald Stroudt, Dustin Wiles, Preston Alleman, & Vincent Wenrich were involved in mishaps with all going to the rear of the field or the pits. Preston Alleman returned to the oval on lap 9. Tanner Jones, Kearchner, Ott, Devin Friese, & Colton Friese were setting in the top five at midrace, but Kearchner & Ott remained in a door to door battle for 2nd place till lap 17 when Ott & Kearchner were joined by Devin Friese, forming a threesome as they encountered lapped traffic.

  One lap to go & the threesome were door to door going down the backstretch when contact was made putting Kearchner out of the race. Jones led D. Friese, Ott, Wes Alleman & Colton Friese to the checkered for the top five. Jones had the best lap going 65.949 MPH in 13.647 seconds.

  The rumble of the Metzler's Trailer Wingless Super Sportsman class could be heard before seen as they entered the oval for their 30 lap feature event. Sam Leonard & Steve Wilbur were in the front of the pack when the flag went green. Leonard took a first lap lead, but SUPERMAN, Steve Wilbur, put the pedal down and took the lead, traveling up to 67.134 MPH in 13.406 seconds. Leonard remained in 2nd place for 11 laps before Derek Sheaffer took over the spot. Eleventh place starter, Trent Yoder, piloted his racer into 4th place, after passing Jason Failor, then moved to third after door to door action with Leonard.

  The sportsman were running non-stop as they reached lapped traffic on lap 21 but Wilbur was still in control. Sheaffer was showing no mercy as he showed the front of his racer to Wilbur more than once as the two frontrunners pulled away from the rest of the competition. Yoder was gaining on the racers but not close enough to take the lead, until with 3 laps left, Jack Liddick got his racer into the turn two infield putting him to the rear.

  The reline was Wilbur, Sheaffer, Yoder, Craig Perigo and Jason Failor, none of which you could put a ruler between their racers when the flag waved green. Wilbur got a great lift-off, holding his lead as he took his competitors to the checkered flag.

  The sky filled with colorful fireworks by Tod Ward, letting the fans know the 270 sprints were at the gate with a 21 car field ready for action. T.A. Ward Construction sponsors the division and is giving the winner a $500.00 check. Brady Paull and Adrian Shaffer were on the pole for the feature event with third place starter Jason Houtz pulling to the lead on green. Two prelap cautions for Brady Paull & Craig Myers put their racers into the pits after both came to a stop on the oval, putting the circuit into a restart with Jason Houtz, Bradyn Kuhn, Adrian Shaffer, Bill Laughman & Tyler Brown, sitting in the top five. Houtz kept the lead on green with Kuhn invading his space as the two pulled away from their competition. On lap 14, hard luck came to Tyler Brown, Tanner Hugney & Will Karas when all three retired their racers to the pits. On the restart Bradyn Kuhn took the lead from Houtz; creating a major lead which he took to the checkered followed by Houtz, Laughman, Cory Myers & Colton McAndrew for the top five. Bradyn Kuhn had the fastest speed going 77.353 MPH in 11.635 seconds.

  The Macri Concrete 600 Sprints were the final division on the racing card with Rodney Westhafer and Brad Weber escorting the 19 car field to the wave of the green. Weber pulled to the front as Kameron Morral took 2nd, followed by
Mike Sherman, Westhafer and Jim Young. Five laps were complete when Aden Myers's racer had issues going out of turn one resulting in retiring his racer for the night. Weber held his lead on green with Morral hot on his trail as they gained track space ahead of Sherman.

  Seven laps were recorded when a caution came out for Taylor Smith, who went to the pits after problems out of turn four. On the restart a red flag was brought out when Keith Blumenstein Jr. went into the fourth turn wall, dislodging the wing from his racer. Keith drove his racer off the track to the cheers of the fans. A final caution was brought out after the restart for Tom Senseney & Doug Sheeder going into turn 2.

The final restart had Weber, Morral, Young, Sherman and Cole Dewease as the top competitors, with Weber & Morral battling it out for first, Young & Dewease in competition for third and Mike Sherman & Dylan Anderson in battle for fourth. Weber held the lead with Morral in a close second while Dewease took third after a major battle with Jim Young, and Mike Sherman for the top five. Weber had the fastest lap, going 77.720 MPH in 11.580 seconds.

  Path Valley Speedway returns to action Saturday, September 23rd with the 358 Sprints headlining the program along side the Cordell Construction Limited Late Models, T.A Ward Construction 270 Sprints, Macri Concrete 600cc Sprints, Cisney’s Auto Parts 4 Cyl. Thunder Cars, and the 4 Cylinder Strictly Stocks. Gates open at 4PM with racing at 6PM. For more information visit of find us on Facebook. 

Ron O'Donnell poses in 2022 at the Pit Gate where he and wife, June greeted many drivers through the years.