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17911 Dry Run Road
Spring Run, PA 17262
2018 V-8 Super Stock/Hobby Stock Rules
Transponder Location
Transponders are to be placed 24 inches back from the center of the front axel on the left side

We mean what we say and know what we mean, so if you don't understand something, please ask us.
The following specifications have been prepared by Path Valley Speedway as guidelines for the construction of a purely Super Stock low-cost V-8 racecar. No warranty of safety is expressed or implied as a result of this publication of rules. These are intended as a guide and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or officials. Anything not covered by these specifications should be approved by the track officials and placed in writing. Continuous developments in auto racing and technology may mandate changes in these rules. However, it is our intent to enforce and police these rules throughout the season. If a change is necessary, technical bulletins will be prepared and distributed in advance. We strive to keep the competition equal and fair for all competitors. To accomplish this, if it doesn't say you can - DON'T! Try to live within the spirit of the rules. If you have any questions, please contact track officials before you are found illegal for competition.

Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for violations. If a car is found illegal, both the car and the driver will be disqualified for the night and no points, money or trophy will be awarded. Any car not willing to tear down will be considered in violation of the rules. Path Valley General Rules for all classes apply. Please read them and follow them.

Safety is our main concern and the main goal of pre-race inspections, but cars may be checked randomly at any time. When on the track, approved racing suits, including race shoes, helmets, neck braces or approved head restraints, seat belts (min. 4-point), full containment window nets, and full eye protection are required at all times. All cars must have approved mufflers.

Each week the feature winner and another finisher determined by pill pull by the 1st place finisher must proceed directly from the scales to the tech building. NO WORK IS PERMITTED ON THE CAR AFTER THE FEATURE. The driver and one crew member (including owner) only will be permitted in the inspection garage. Drivers must supply their own tools for post-race inspection. Any part deemed illegal may be confiscated.

An operational fire extinguisher located within reach of the driver, able to be removed quickly from frame or roll cage, is required. If a fire extinguisher is used on your vehicle, you will be charged $20 per extinguisher
NOT PERMITTED: Mirrors or two way radios are not permitted.

- Any 1955 and newer rear wheel drive domestic complete body production car with all original equipment, body panels, factory firewalls intact, and all doors welded, chained or bolted shut
- All glass, chrome trim, and emblems must be removed and a metal screen must replace the full windshield.
- Floorboards, trunks and all holes must be patched, and bumpers must be welded to prevent being lost.
- Cars are to be maintained in good mechanical condition and must be presentable in appearance.
- Floorboards, trunk and driver door only must be gutted of anything flammable.
- Bodies may be fabricated but must keep stock body lines, width and length.
- No spoilers.
- Stock floor pan
- After market pedals can be used in stock positions.
- Solid motor mounts.

NOT PERMITTED: Four wheel or front wheel drive cars, convertibles or Jeeps; no sectioning or chambering, no aluminum panels, no Corvettes or Mustangs or former racecars.

A passenger car chassis with stock mounts in original location for transmission and rear end. Car frames must match bodies.

The minimum wheelbase is 108 inches for cars with a full factory frame and 101 inches for cars with a factory unibody. Unibody car frame sections must be welded together with a steel frame connector. Frame and body must be same make, model and year. Car must weigh 3,250 lbs with driver after race. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Complete, all cast iron engine to include stock block, stock heads and stock intake
Hydraulic flat tappet camshaft only
No roller rockers, roller tip rockers only.
No cutting, grinding, porting or acid dipping
Stock type ignitions
No engine set back, engine must be in original rubber mounts
Flat top pistons only
Maximum 358 cc
Headers are allowed

Stock equipment 2 barrel with no modifications.  
GM – Rochester 2 barrel only. Holley 4412 HP or Standard 2 barrel carb only. Cannot exceed 500 cfm. Must pass no go gauge.
 Ford – May run Holley 2 barrel only, cannot exceed 500 cfm. Must pass no go gauge.

11. Electronics: 
All cars must be equipped with a Soft Touch Rev. Control Box Part # MSD 8728. Box must contain rev chip not to exceed 6,500 rpm. Box must be mounted on right-hand side of driver compartment on the dash, and must be out of reach of the driver.

9-inch Ford rear-ends are permitted. 
Also, permitted are Stock transmission and rear ends, stock clutch and pressure plates for standard shifts, stock torque converters for automatics, blow proof bell housing. Rears may be locked or factory limited slip and must match make and model of car (i.e. Ford/Ford GM/GM).  No floater rears.

Suspension and steering parts must remain stock for your make and model of chassis.
Steering quickeners are permitted in stock location.
No stacking of springs.
Shocks must be in stock position only.
NOT PERMITTED: Modification, spacers, lumber, chains, cables, aftermarket or racing suspension parts, air shocks.

All four wheels must have working brakes. Rear disc brakes are permitted.
No cockpit brake bias adjusters.

15. TIRES:
60 series street tire.
Racing tires are permitted, minimum medium compound only, no soft compound.
Grooving is permitted
NOT PERMITTED: Truck, fancy, exotic, winter, or rough tread.

Steel wheels up to 15-inch diameter, Maximum 8 inch wide. Oversized lug nuts & studs - 1/2 inch studs minimum.
Bead locks are permitted, front and rear, right side only.
One 1" wheel spacer per wheel is permitted.
NOT PERMITTED: Aluminum wheels, mag wheels, split rims, dual wheels, or wide fives. 

Roll bars will be at least a six-post design boxed frame, well braced, using at least 1 1/2" OD pipe or tubing with a wall thickness of .095 minimum. Roll cage must include a center roof bar. The bars must be welded to the top of the frame and extend at least 4" above the driver's head. Driver's side must have a minimum of four protective side bars, with three bars on the opposite side of the cage. Two bars must run from the top of the cage to the rear frame section. No threaded pipe or pipe fittings in cage. Roll cage kits permitted.

Battery box is permitted.

Working Starter - Car must start under its own power at all times. 

An approved fuel cell (22 gallon maximum). Securely mounted in the trunk area of the car inside a 20 gauge metal box supported by two 1/8" x 2" steel straps. A firewall installed between the fuel tank and the drivers compartment, with a rear protection bar. Tuck fuel cell inside frame and behind rear end.

Tow chain (3/8" minimum) in the center of the front and rear of the car that is easily accessible to the tow truck operators. Tow chain must support the weight of the car during the tow.
NOT PERMITTED: Cables. Tow truck operators and the speedway are not responsible for damage to the racecar during towing procedure.

All cars must be presentable in bodywork, craftsmanship and paint. The car numbers must be clearly displayed on the roof and BOTH doors at all times. Numbers must be no less than 18" tall and 2" wide. If a letter is used, it must be 9"x 2" minimum. A plate with a minimum 6" number will be required on the right-hand corner of headlight. No reflective lettering. Lettering must be outlined & legible for scoring (if the scorers can't read your number, you won't be scored, and this is not negotiable).
NOT PERMITTED: Trick lettering - MISC: It is to your benefit that the numbers be highly visible to the scorers. The legibility of the lettering is at the discretion of the scorers. Car numbers are awarded on a first-come basis.

23. MISCELLANEOUS: PROTEST - See General Rules.  

These rules are intended to be the official track rules. However, we reserve the right to amend and adjust any of the wording and interpretations as situations arise, either before or after the racing season begins. We have constructed these rules to the best of our ability to encourage safety, competition and effectiveness and also fairness to all concerned. There is no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any of the above. Each year there are those who interpret these rules in their own manner and get into trouble. We wrote the rules, we know what they say and we know what they mean. It is your responsibility to build, buy and race legal equipment by our rules and to follow these rules while on the track and in the pit area. Do not be misled into using unsafe or illegal hardware. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. OFFICIAL'S DECISIONS ARE FINAL!

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