Bonebrake takes Path Valley season opener

      The first weekend of racing was rained out the previous week, so when it rained again this Friday the management of Path Valley Speedway decided to re-schedule the show for Sunday afternoon.  The car counts were not up to mid-summer numbers, but there was still plenty of action.

       The Mini Stocks got the show started.  Chris Anderson took the lead  at the drop of the green flag and pulled away by a few car lengths.   Jeremy Ott started to close the gap after about five laps and was right behind Anderson at the halfway mark.  Ott continued to pressure Anderson, looking to the inside nearly every turn.  Anderson kept using the higher line and was able to use the momentum to regain control as they exited each corner.  Ott took one last shot in the  final turn pulling alongside Anderson as they went into turn three.   The two cars made slight contact and as they exited turn four Anderson's car turned down into Ott's car..  Ott was able to keep his car straight as he powered to the checkered flag while Anderson spun around.  Mark Grove and Kenny Black drove around Anderson as he was  turning around to take second and third, dropping Anderson to fourth.   Josh Group completed the top five and Ott was the heat winner.

       Austin Johnson started on the pole of the Super Stock feature and led all twenty laps to score the win.  Curtis Guyer and Bill Powell dueled  for second until Guyer dropped out just past the halfway point.   Powell made a few attempts to pass Johnson, but had no success and  spent the last few laps holding off a late charge by Brad McGinnis.   Second thru fifth went to Powell, McGinnis, Deron Henry, and Alex Boozel.  The heat races were won by Henry and Boozel.

       Andy Fries led the ten-car Late Model field to the green flag and showed the way early on with Brad Kling running second.  Wes Bonebrake moved into second a few laps into the event and began to chase down Fries.  Bonebrake got to within a car length of Fries as the field got the half way sign in the 25-lap event.  Most day races on dirt end up with a dry, slick track, and Sunday was no different.  Most of the field was hugging the bottom groove, and it looked like Bonebrake may have to settle for second with no room to pass.  Surprisingly Bonebrake moved to the high groove and drove around Fries and into the lead on lap eighteen.  As Bonebrake was taking the lead Fries did a complete 360 degree spin on the apron of turn two, dropping him back to fifth.  Bonebrake was uncontested from then on with a comfortable lead at the finish.  Brad Kling held off a charging George Dixon the last four laps and they finished second and third.  Bob Dunn finished fourth and Fries fifth.  Fries and Kling were the heat race winners.

      Tony Hampton felt he let one slip away with one mistake on Saturday, and was determined not to let it happen again Sunday.  Hampton controlled the five-car 4-Cylinder Thunder Car field all day, first winning the heat race, then starting first and leading all twenty laps to win the feature.  The positions behind Hampton were swapped several times, but at the end it was Kyle Martin finishing second, ahead of Brandon Seibert, Charles Stallman, and Mike Fuller.

Dice and Young score opening wins at Path Valley

       The winter that just will not quit claimed the first weekend of Path Valley's 2014 racing season, but eased off just enough to get the first race in the books on Saturday, April 5th.  Although it was not raining or snowing, the air was chilly and a stiff breeze made it feel even colder.  Even with the cold temperatures, you could tell everyone was excited to get the new season under way.

       The 270cc Micro Sprints were the first feature.  Levi Peck started first and set the early pace.  Colby Dice started right behind Peck and took second on the start.  Peck pulled away for a few laps, but then Dice began to reel Peck back in.  On lap ten Peck bobbled slightly in turn one and Dice was right there to take the lead.  Three cautions slowed the pace in the second half of the race, but Dice was able to pull away from Peck on every re-start, leading by a few car lengths when the checkered flag fell.  Josh Stoyer picked up a few positions late, aided by Scott Gingrich pulling off with two laps to go, and finished third.  Brian Heist was fourth and Derek Miller fifth.  Heat race wins went to Peck, and Bradley Brown.

       Timmie Barrick was the pole-sitter for the 600cc Micro Sprint feature and led the first seven laps.  The only caution happened on lap eight, and on the re-start Jim Young used the high groove to power around Barrick in turns one and two and take the lead.  Young stretched his lead out the remaining laps, leading by nearly a full straightaway at the finish.  Barrick was all alone in second, followed by Arron Spahr, Devin Beidel, and Tanner Hunsicker.  Spahr and Barrick claimed heat race victories.

       Frankie Gordon dominated the Mini Stock competition, leading all  twenty laps after starting sixth.   Mark Gove brought out the only  caution on lap two, but came back to finish second, over half of a lap behind Gordon.  Dillon Wilson finished third, followed by Justin Williamson and Chris Anderson.  Gordon also won the heat race.

       Tony Hampton appeared to be the driver to beat in the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature after he won the heat race and drew the pole position for the main event.  Hampton made a mistake getting too low entering turn one on the first lap and he dropped back to fourth in the four car field.  Jeremy Moore took full advantage of the situation, grabbing the lead and then running mistake free for the twenty-lap non-stop event to score the win.  Hampton and Brandon Seibert battled back and forth for the runner-up spot with Hampton finally gaining control on lap nineteen.  Charles Stallman finished fourth.

Eight is enough at Path Valley

       Path Valley Speedway offered up an early season special for the fans in attendance Saturday night, a night of racing action packed with eight divisions.

       The ACMS Stock 600cc Micro Sprint series made its first stop at Path Valley in 2013 with ten drivers in attendance.  Sean Garman won the heat race, started on the pole of the feature, and led the first ten laps.  While Garman was leading Gunnar Layton was charging thru the pack from his ninth place starting position.  Layton was able to catch Garman and made the winning pass just after getting the halfway signal.  Layton led the final ten laps for his first win.  Lance Yeager finished second, ahead of Tom Whitttail and Logan Jones.  Sean Garman's car slowed to a stop with one lap remaining, but was able to re-start and he finished fifth.

       Sean McAndrew was on a bad streak.  Dating back to last year he had four consecutive races that he did not finish due to mechanical problems.  McAndrew brought that streak to an end in a big way, starting third and leading all twenty laps of the 270cc Micro Sprint feature for the win.  Brian Heist took over the second spot when pole-sitter Kyle Weiss dropped out on lap six.  Three more cautions kept the field close and Josh Stoyer used the final restart to get past Heist and into second.  At that point McAndrew's lead was about five car lengths and it stayed virtually the same distance to the finish.  Heist held of Mike Boyer for third and Mike Boer finished fifth.  Heat wins went to Stoyer, Boyer, and Heist while Daryl Beakler won the consi.

       Garrett Bard led the nineteen-car field of 600cc Micro Sprints to the green flag, but Tyler Walton gained the advantage from his second place starting position to lead the way.  David Holbrook worked past Bard on the second of three restarts on lap thirteen.  One last restart with one lap to go gave everyone one last shot to gain positions, but the only spot to change in the top five was Jim Young getting past Devin Beidel for fourth.  At the checkered flag the top five were Walton, Holbrook, Bard, Young, and Beidel.  Young and Holbrook were the heat race victors.

       Only three Street Stock competitors signed in.  Aaron Jessee dropped out on lap three and Ken Singer pulled off while leading on lap seven, leaving Brad Karns the only driver to finish, scoring his first ever win.

       The Mini Stock feature only had four drivers start, but the action was non-stop from start-to-finish.  Dillon Wilson started first and set the early pace.  Meanwhile, just behind Wilson the fight for second was a back-and-forth affair between Chris Anderson and Mark Grove.  Anderson finally cleared Grove long enough to work on Wilson, making the pass for the lead on lap ten.  Grove to second a lap later and continued to pressure Anderson.  Anderson made no mistakes the final ten laps and led Grove by two car lengths at the finish.  Eric Seibert finished third and Wilson was scored in fourth.  Anderson also won the heat race.

       Jeremy Moore has found a winning recipe, start on the front row, get the lead into turn one, and then make no mistakes while the other guys beat each other up trying to catch him.  Moore won his second 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature this year using that formula.  While Moore was leading all twenty laps, Brandon Seibert, Charles Stallman, and Tony Hampton played "fender tag" as they swapped positions two-thru-four with each other.  Stallman finally seized control of second and closed in on Moore, but ran out of laps before he could find a way around.  Kyle Martin got past Hampton with a lap to go to finish third as Hampton slowed with mechanical woes and limped home fourth.  Seibert rounded out the top five and Martin won the heat race.

       Bill Diehl led the full 24-car field of Legend racers to the start and out-powered Chris Transeau for the lead into turn one.  While Diehl was leading, Lucas Montgomery was moving up from starting fourth, taking second on lap twelve.  A restart on lap fifteen brought the field back together one last time.  Montgomery had no chance to attack Diehl, as he was busy defending second from Bob Stough, which he was able to do.  At the finish it was Diehl in the lead, followed by Montgomery, Stough, Scott Houdenshell, and Chad Earnst.  Earnst was one of the big movers of the night, starting sixteenth and finishing fifth.  Heat race wins went to Stough, Chris Spidle, and Montgomery.  George Hanson won the consi.

       The old saying goes, "you don't win a race on the first lap".  Well, sometimes you do.  Brad McGinnis started second, but drove around pole-sitter Austin Johnson in the first turns of the Super Stock feature to secure the lead.  McGinnis held of Johnson the rest of the way to secure the win.  Joey Burdge finished third, ahead of Scott Saylor and Shawn Fessler.  Johnson was the heat race winner.


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